On our way to “Fine Dining”

As far as dinner at the campground is concerned we could avoid the oysters and found a “Fine Dining” establishment about 8 km down the road where we had some surprisingly excellent steak, while overlooking the Atlantic. We are starting to grow fins from al the seafood. There are certain drawbacks when camping on the permafrost of Cape Breton. The first 15 minutes after lying down cocooned in the down sleeping bag and 2 sweaters are absolutely fine. No complaints there. Slowly the temperature of your back starts to deteriorate because the air in the matrass begins to take on the ground temperature and seeps through the sleeping bag and the sweaters to the point where you think you are lying on a sheet of ice, which of course you are, although this is a foot below ground. The only way to rectify this was to fold out my Gortex motorcycle jacket with rubber padding in the back and place the sleeping bag with me in it on the jacket. It worked like a charm and I slept until Eric awoke me at 8:30. If Chicago is the Windy City, than Nova Scotia must be the Windy Province. It just does not let up. We left the campground at 11 after breakfast and completed the Cabot Trail, which led us onto the highway to Halifax. The Cabot Trail had been the most fun strictly from a riding standpoint with lots of twist, turns and switchbacks.


rough sea


eric water

Europe is full of these type of roads but for the most part North America’s roads have been designed North-South, East –West, which maybe efficient but not much fun unless you are on a Harley or Goldwing as that is what these bikes excel at; going straight. Eric’s friend Ross had invited us to stay Friday and Saturday at his home and he would have the BBQ fired up by the time we got there. He had in fact a great meal waiting for us upon arrival. Ross kindly offered us the use of the house as he would be out of town on Saturday but as it was pouring with rain he gave us a key for us to wait it out till Sunday when friendlier skies are in the forecast.



With an acceptable temperature of 18o, the morning gave us a good opportunity to do some exploring by foot, umbrella in hand. We walked the down town area and the redone waterfront, where some interesting vessels were moored.

ship ship2 ship3 tugs


Halifax Waterfront


Eric had spent some time here when he was in the Navy, many moons ago.

The full might of the Canadian Navy is clearly visible in the back ground.

Halifax offers up a variety of things to do and we will take in a gypsy jazz concert tonight. I have decided to Photoshop all my pictures blue when I get home and to make the collages a bit more cheery looking.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.40.03 PM

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2 thoughts on “Halifax

  1. Beautiful pictures, again!


  2. Sure would be nice to see that yellow thing in the sky!


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