Fredericton to Bay of Fundy and P.E.I.

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Feeling much better but still with some lockjaw I set off to meet up with Eric at the campground in Alma on the Bay of Fundy, which is known for having the highest  tidal range in the world. Measurements of a 16.8-metre (55-foot) tidal range in Leaf Basin for Ungava Bay and 17 meters (56 feet) at Burnt Coat have been registered.

alma harbour

The boats in Alma harbor were clearly floating upon arrival but when we set off for Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island, (commonly known as P.E.I.) all vessels were lying on dry sand. Eric had already spent 2 days at the campground and since the next 4 days are supposed to be rainy we did not want to sit in a small tent for 4 days and pack wet gear.


Tide receding

We stopped to get something to eat in a roadside restaurant. The menu consisted of the regular fare and I asked for the “Toasted Western” listed. Not everyone will be familiar with this sandwich but it is quite common in Canada, consisting of fried egg, onion, green pepper and tomato. After about 15 minutes the lady who took the order said; “I’m sorry, it’s my 1st day and I don’t know how to make a toasted western. I don’t know anything!” “What about a peanut butter sandwich?” I asked. “Really, do you mean that”? She could make it with crunchy peanut butter. Perfect. I have to add she was quite embarrassed and did not charge me for the sandwich, Erics muffin and coffee. We left $5.- on the table. She promised to learn how to make it before we made our way back. To cut off some distance we took a dirt road for 26 km. I have to say I am very pleased with the bike as it just floats over potholes and bumps.


Bridge of Madison County look-a-like

The way to get to P.E.I. from New Brunswick used to be by ferry but nowadays there is a 16-mile bridge spanning the water. We were warned of the high winds and cold temperatures but we had the 25 knot wind in the back which made it a piece of cake. P.E.I. is quite unlike New Brunswick and Quebec with its pine forests. house in greenRolling hills, green pastures and lots of elbowroom. We rode past many “Kodak Moments” but we will get a chance during the next few days on the island for lots of photos. Eric had called a friend in Charlottetown who recommended a restaurant and joined us for dinner. The lobster and mussels were outstanding!


restaurantA sign in the toilet read: “Wash your hands to avoid serious disease.”

I did not know if they meant before or after so to be sure I washed my hands twice. We settled in a “Best Western” hotel, (not related to the sandwich) and we will see what the next few days will bring when we explore the island.

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