Anne of Green Gables P.E.I.


Eric is a neat and tidy person, which is an asset and virtue to be sure. To give you an example; when I awoke he had already made a B-Line for the local Starbucks and carefully made his bed in order to save the chambermaid the work. Very commendable but now she thinks we slept in one bed. Eric does not care. I liked to think she will have something to ponder for the rest of the day and ruffled my bed a little more.


If someone blind folded me and dropped me off in the middle of P.E.I. and asked about my location I would say; Holland. It’s windy, rainy and chilly. In spite of this the morale was high as we jumped on the bikes, direction Anne of Green Gables on the east coast of the island.



Anne of Green Gables House & Barn


Eric of red stables

Eric of Red Stables

annehouse3“Anne of Green Gables” is a novel read the world over mostly by women and was translated into 17 languages and is one of the major tourist attractions on the island. I owe it to my dear mother to go there 1st, since she is an avid fan of all 7 books. All of them have been read several times by her. She is not alone; the largest group of foreigners paying homage is the Japanese. This morning about 40 to 50 Japanese women and 3 bewildered men, obviously dragged on the trip by their wives, were checking in the hotel when we returned from breakfast. The humble potato is another thing P.E.I. is known for. The quality of the potatoes grown here is 2nd to none and when you see the rich red brown clay you understand why.

house and bard

The only other place I have seen that equals the deep green color of the grass is New Zealand. Nature in P.E.I. offers a spectacle of intense colors. Thankfully it is still too cold for the tourist masses and only a handful of people were at “The Gables” when we arrived.


We had lunch at an excellent oyster bar. The oysters in Thailand are 3 x the size with 1/3 of the flavor. The Thais make up for that by adding garlic, herbs and spices. All in all; a great but frigid day and we will top it off by watching the Italian Moto GP tonight.

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