Fredericton- New Brunswick


I really wanted to catch up with Eric on Friday but I only got as far as Fredericton, New Brunswick. The antibiotics are doing their job and you can feel the fierce battle of microorganisms that is taking place in your body. Strangely, my whole right jaw feels tight, like I just got a needle from the dentist. Alexander Fleming must be thanked even though he discovered penicillin by chance, in 1928, after  he accidentally left a dish of  bacteria uncovered for a few days. The side effect of nausea almost made me throw up in my helmet and the thought of it made me call it a day at 3:30 p.m.

splatMy windscreen after several cleanings

in Fredericton, the mosquitos are out in full force. First thing that must be done when you get in the room is to go on a killing spree. Alongside the voracious black fly, they are Canada’s biggest curse. I had the Go Pro on my helmet but in no time the lens was covered with various bugs.


Need some firewood?

There are 498 paper mills in Quebec, which is a lot but the province covers a huge piece of real-estate.

The layers of clothing I left with came off one by one, starting with my electric vest, until I ran out of room on the bike. Considering my condition I am glad I don’t have to camp tonight in retrospect. Tomorrow should be an improvement and I will take a leisurely drive to meet up with Eric about 185 km from here. He is camping in Alma on the Bay of Fundy. We were supposed to go to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island first and then the Bay of Fundy on the return leg; hence the title of the blog. I am not changing it and we’ll merrily push on from there. Hopefully we can spend a few days relaxing in the campground although Eric has spent 2 days in Alma already .

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.09.22 PM

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3 thoughts on “Fredericton- New Brunswick

  1. Robert Perkins

    Everyone wonders why l am not with you😄Willem I am really enjoying your journal
    The personal introduction to your personality l find really comfortable and l even feel special as if you sending to all but it still feels special

    All the background and as today information on penicillin l simply devour as one on one friends chatting

    Watkins Watkins Watkins
    Is it helping??
    If so and honestly a Fraserburg community staple in each home priority.
    Willem if helping give me a address and more will be sent. Please Willem OK no bloody “not want to bother you” more a bother not helping you for God sake

    Ok enough on that
    Out today looking for a new vehicle for Alexia. Do not ask😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
    Alexia really should go with her Dad 😄😄😄😄😄

    Willem quick suggestion
    You have zero room left on bike yes l know.
    In fact we both laughed out loud at each other with the dreaded no matter how lean we leave the shit just adds up and no room to pack anymore. Then as mentioned we forget we packing we might need to strip down riding wear and then we’re do we put coats pants etc.

    Willem for bugs in room/tent
    Go to say Canadian Tire
    Look and find the cheapest (Walmart maybe) little hand help Battery/rechargeable vacuum. The vacuum car crumb size. Really small available and basically throw away after trip value.
    I vacuum the buggers and not difficult as trying to swat them. In tent a U Tube exercise trying to swat in a room just as much with furniture etc.
    vacuum the F##kers my friend.
    Better run you have 180klm day and not 20hrs reading
    Please take care
    Can’t wait for next chapter

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. June is the worst month for mosquitos but if you ride by the coast, there should not be too many. Good luck with your teeth. I would think that after 2 days the antibiotics should begin to help the pain.


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