The Split Up.

whaleNational Geographic it is not but at least we caught a glimpse of a whale

We were lucky to spot the whale from the shore.The ferry one has to take at Les Escoumins to get to the south shore runs from an Inuit reservation.  At $ 50.- per bike the price seemed a little steep but the ferry was sparsely filled. For a semi private crossing the price is understandable.


Where else can you see such an amazing assortment of whales?


The Saint Lawrence River flows in a roughly north-easterly direction, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean and forming the primary drainage conveyor of the Great Lakes Basin. It traverses the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, and is part of the international boundary between Ontario, Canada, and New York State in the United States. The river also provides the basis of the commercial St. Lawrence Seaway. Our journey took an hour and a half and is by far the widest river I ever crossed. Once on the other side Eric stopped at a restaurant for a coffee but we ended up having a complete meal. Chicken & lobster are the same price with salad, soup and dessert. There must be a chronic shortage of chicken in these parts. Signs offering lobster are everywhere and our timing is good because the lobster season is just starting. By this time it was already 1 p.m., which meant we better get some miles behind us. seascape


The route along the south shore was spectacular but became colder & colder the further we headed north. Throughout the day a nagging toothache started to rear its ugly head. A capped molar in my right bottom jaw was definitely infected. We stopped for some hot chocolate in Matane and checked some temperatures and rainfall in the surrounding area. Going further north would mean more rain and frigid temperatures but heading towards New Brunswick made sense as 66 km inland it was 26oC, although rain was also forecasted. We mutually agreed on heading indirectly towards Charlottetown. The change in temperature turned out not to be gradual but was like riding through a wall. For a fraction of a second, while the front wheel was basking in summer heat, the rear was still in winter. About 100 km inland the thunderclouds caught up with us and we called it a day at a typical North American 1950 style, roadside Motel.


It there was snow this could have been a scene out of “FARGO”

In the meantime the toothache had become much more than an annoyance. It had become really painful and I started to develop a fever. It is hard to be cheery with a tooth abscess. My meal across the street had to be consumed carefully, chewing on one side only. Eric was fortunately still in good spirits. I could only listen to his usually entertaining stories with one ear and headed for my room right after dinner. Took 2 sleeping pills but woke up at 12:15 from the ever increasing pain. It was clear by now that I had to find a dentist and fast. Here luck was on my side. After checking the Internet, lo and behold, there was a dental clinic 100 meters up the road. My appointment was for 1 o’clock.

Because we did not know the result, it made more sense for Eric to go ahead and visit some friends, instead of hanging around with me. I waved him “bon voyage” and waited for my appointment.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.31.08 PM

X-Rays revealed the problem(s) and I was given enough penicillin for the next 10 days. I need 2 root canals and crowns done when I get back to Thailand. It is always nice to have something to look forward to. Tomorrows weather looks good and all that remains to be done now is wait for Erics destination update.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 5.39.32 PM

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