Crossing the St Lawrence……Almost





L’Ile D’Orleans

The last couple of days seem to have been reserved for a “Camera & Electronics” breakdown. The battery on the MacBook Air has been holding its charge shorter and shorter. While in Quebec City it was a good time to visit the Apple Store and replace the battery. As soon as you walk in, an army of service personnel greets you: “Do you have an appointment?” No, I did not and slotted in behind some other people waiting for the Apple Personal Service Experience. After a quick check it was confirmed my battery was indeed due for replacement and was asked if I could come back in 6 hours. After explaining we were on our way to the East Coast he agreed to an hour and a half. We just hung around and unpacked the new Go Pro camera. When it was time I heard the unpleasant news that 3 items had to be replaced totaling $ 1,248.00 and it was cheaper to buy a new one. No thanks, for the time being the thing is still working and I won’t buy another Apple.

chateaux frontenac

Chateau Frontenac


The rest of the day we toured around the old city before returning to the campground.


A rainy get-away


Breakfast at  Ile d’Orleans

Steady overnight rain was forecasted and they were right on the money. Packing a wet tent in the rain is no fun but it had to be done and off we went dressed in our raingear. Every half hour we seemed to ride through another season with up to 20oC difference in temperature. As soon as we discarded the raingear because of the sun and promising blue skies, it would start raining again, immediately followed by varying degrees of fog, then some blue sky and rain again. A silly notion but by continuing northward we are chasing the winter. I forgot how beautiful Canada is, especially this area and when there is no fog, you can actually see it.


We wanted to cross the St Lawrence at Les Escoumins but found out at 3 p.m. that the next ferry was not until 6:30 p.m. The 1 ½ hour crossing would only get us on shore at 8 and after some debating we decided to stay overnight at Les Escoumins and dry our wet things. We both got a room at Motel Le Marinier. Thankfully there are a few restaurants in town but unthankfully they are closed until the end of May. We bought a few things in the store and consumed some modest calories in our respective rooms. The morning ferry leaves at a leisurely 10:30 a.m.


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