Mistakes are lessons by another name.

From the old car capital Flint (Michigan) to the border is another tedious but short ride. Harry had given me a Bill of Sale and under invoiced the Yamaha by $ 2,000.- , which translated in a $ 300.- saving on my import. Everything went smoothly with the paperwork, paid my dues and returned to the bike with an “all clear” yellow slip in hand to give to the officers outside, admiring the engine. “All done?” one of them asked. “Yes sir” was my reply. “Where did you buy this bike?” ”On EBay” I said. “ Can you empty your pockets and put the contents on the table”. I produced my wallet and my phone. “Go and sit in the building and wait!” 3 hours later they had gone through everything in my phone and had come up with the ad for the bike, showing clearly the $ 2,000.- increase over what I had claimed. “Your bike has been seized for making a false statement. If you would like it back it will cost you $ 1288.42”. I swallowed and clearly had no choice other than to pay and sheepishly produced a credit card. I could have kicked myself for this stupidity. Lesson learned I continued onto Jack & Roberta’s without incident.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.26.52 PM

                                                                                                         Jack & Roberta

                                                                            Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.33.22 PM

                                                                                                              Gaii & Joe

A month ago, an arrangement had been made to meet up on the 15th for the now yearly ‘eat-drink and be merry’ get-together with our mutual friends, Jos & Gail. The evening was, as usual, a great time consisting of lots of laughs, good-natured arguments, BBQ shish kebabs, excellent wine and some fun music.


Ferry to Georgina Island


                                                                                                  Cottage arrival


Paul, Leila & Matt

The weekend was topped off at Paul & Jan’s cottage on Georgina Island (Lake Simcoe). Paul had been my best (and only) man when I got married in Manila in 1990. How this came to pass is a story in & by itself. Jan has had a 2-year long battle with a rare type of bone cancer and has endured bone marrow replacement and chemotherapy. She is a fighter and is now in remission, shows a renewed energy and great outlook on life. I am really happy for them that the treatment seems to have worked so well. The last few times I could only visit for 10 minutes due to her condition and it was a treat to be able to spend a whole long weekend together on the island. Tomorrow I will leave my home away from home at Jack and Roberta’s and start the east coast trip in earnest.


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2 thoughts on “Mistakes are lessons by another name.

  1. Gosh Wim.. U drove by?? & we did not have the Pleasure of seeing you?? So now.. we must just wish you a great & save Trip.. .. Oh well .you are just like my Hurricane Tom,, always on the go!! Take Care, to bad, that we did not have the Cottage anymore, , Helga * & Tom


  2. Robert Perkins

    Oh Willem Bloody HellThe border story turned out very well in my mindSad of course and really do not kick yourselfI did exact same thing bring 950 back but managed to not face additional charges from my stated bill of saleIt is a rite of passage l guess we all fudge a little when declaring The humbling aspect we think we “got through no notice” but reality the crossings now so CIA level they know every itemA extra jug of booze seems ok as long as paying duty on one at least So please be safe and know if in any jam callWillem please do not nod and think “very nice” it is important you our valued friendAlexia and l agree on this matter (not wishing to send bad luck)I have time and only a driveRobert

    Dr. Emmett L. Brown – Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

    Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 01:55:05 +0000 To: ro-tired950sm@hotmail.ca


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