Hit The Road

Just completed 7 hours, with sunny but frigid weather, in the saddle and landed about 20 km from the Port Huron/Sarnia border. The bike is a dream but riding that long on a super-slab of 4 to 6 lane highways is no fun on any bike. Congratulations though to Yamaha for being able to make such an incredibly balanced motorcycle. Vibration is pretty well nil and it handles (once you get going) like a sports bike. A big thank you goes out to Harry, without him this would not have been possible. We had planned to go to a jam on Wednesday but because of obligations in Toronto, I wanted to be at the border crossing early on Thursday. The importation of the bike may be time consuming. It’s really too bad because I love to watch and listen to him tear it up. Perhaps in Thailand Harry?

Here’s a little clip:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.12.55 PM


Upon arrival in my room, my face had contorted so much I thought I was looking at someone else when I got to the bathroom. Much like a pair of shoes have to be worn in, a helmet has to mold to your head and the proper fit has to be tight to be effective in a crash. My hair was stuck flat to my head. With a robe I could have been mistaken for Friar Tuck. The motel is right next door to a Texas steakhouse. For a reasonable price you really get a beef quality you don’t get anywhere else unless you pay through the nose.   Even then the North American beef flavor is missing. For 10 years I lived part time in Florida and I have not been in the U.S. for 2 years but every time I come the States, I go through a culture shock experience. With culture I mean consumerism. Bars and churches used to be the center of attraction; today it is the shopping mall. Every town and city looks the same with the same brands represented no matter where you go. For every hour of TV, you will watch 28 minutes of commercials. Cereal, law-office (have you been hurt in an accident? etc.), political, and the big money maker medicine commercials, all try to get a piece of your wallet. The best ones are the medicinal ads that have to mention the side effects to the industry’s wonder drugs. The side effect blurb takes up half the commercial time. “May cause; diarrhea, itching, headache, irregularity, nausea, vomiting, swelling, insomnia, heart palpitations, liver problems or erectile dysfunction.” There is a definite and noticeable upswing in the economy. We know that jobs are being created and people are spending again. The U.S. is, thanks to China’s relentless buying of government bonds, living the American dream again on borrowed money. Turn on the printing presses! May the devil take tomorrow! It’s all an illusion and it will come to a grinding halt in the not too distant future. In this global economy Americans on the whole are still looking inwards but if you listen closely you can hear the whooshing sound from the spiraling drain. The problem is that the final flush will have a huge impact on the rest of the world. This is however a trip report and I am getting off the topic. Hopefully I can cross into Canada tomorrow with the bike without too much aggravation.

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3 thoughts on “Hit The Road

  1. Wim, it was great seeing and having you here! The apt seems a bit empty and with good eating, drinking and conversation. Glad to know you made it safe to Sarnia. Thanks for the plug and the jam we missed. Be sure to tell all about the I AM CD project. http://www.iam-iamproject.com
    Have a great trip, enjoy and thanks for the 12yr scotch!! Say Hi to ALL


  2. Robert Perkins

    Hi Willem
    I am in Brampton today
    Heading back north tomorrow

    Willem if you need anything at border even (God Forbid) a pickup zero problem
    Here and always available
    Willem l have the time my friend l have the interest and we are friends.
    Simply said but very true
    #1 fan

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Bedankt Woes voor het uitgebreide verhaal ! Wat een prachtige stijl heb je toch: heel serieus en informatief en dan toch telkens een kwinkslag er tussen door! Zoals je de Amerikaanse way of life beschrijft is prachtig!! hahaha..al die commercials!

    Maar…alsjeblieft schrijf niet meer zulke verwensingen als ‘may the devil…'(ik wil het niet eens verder tikken). De duivel waart al genoeg rond …moet je hem dan ook nog aan roepen? Trouwens ook een uitdrukking ‘van de straat’, niet erg beschaafd en dat zijn jouw columns verder wel! Dan heb ik nog een nieuwtje uit Holland; eigenlijk uit België, want Bart en Petra gaan verhuizen naar Heerhugowaard in NoordHolland, vlak bij Annemarie en haar kinderen en kleinkinderen.

    Ze komen nu tot de ontdekking dat ze daar toch wel erg ver van de fam. af wonen en eigenlijk zich nooit echt ingeburgerd hebben gevoeld in België.Nu Bart gepensioneerd is is er eigenlijk geen reden meer om er te blijven en ze zijn heel close met Ammerie en kinderen.Ze gaan altijd met elkaar met vakantie en de kleinkinderen van A.M. zijn voor hen ook net kleinkinderen( zoals Erella’s kleink. voor Gina) Ze hopen binnen een maand te verhuizen.

    Nog een gezellige week in Toronto en dan een mooie tocht op die super motor! Geniet ze!

    Big hug and lots of love!

    > Op 14 mei 2015 om 06:17 heeft Thailand to Bay of Fundy het volgende geschreven: > > >

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