In one week the weather in the Toronto area had turned around completely. Insta- summer with 24 o C. Robert & Alexia had invited me for dinner after my stay at the cottage and it was really enjoyable to spend some time with them again. Flew into Chicago’s O’Hare airport on the 7th where Harry picked me up. After a display of his culinary skills, we chatted till 3 a.m. over a 12 year old Scotch. To my relief the bike was none the worse for wear and it survived the haul from Tennessee in good shape. In order to save money I had the bike registered in Illinois under both our names but found out too late that it is illegal for a Canadian to drive a motor vehicle with U.S. plates. The registration was therefore money down the drain and I am forced to import the bike into Canada. Every time I do this it gets more complicated. More and more forms have to be filled out online and of course with each form the government has its huge hand in your pocket.  Insurance in Canada is exactly 10 times the price I was quoted in the U.S. for identical coverage. Little choice but to put up with this gauging. Take note Canadians: The insurance companies are all in cahoots and you are being robbed! 20150509_111640 Tires tend to get hard and consequently to loose grip after 2 years so I bought replacements although there was lots of tread left on the them. They are also the half price I would eventually have to pay in Canada. It’s a little early to comment but in the short distance covered, the bike felt great with a much lower centre of gravity than the V Strom. It is a heavy piece of machinery but the weight disappears as soon as you start moving and even feels nimble. In the meantime temperatures have dropped 25o again. It’s raining off & on, damp and chilly. My favorite thing to do in Chicago is to hang out at one of the down-and-dirty blues clubs the city is famous for. Last night Harry chauffered me to the Harlem Avenue Lounge. A thin crowd but it did not dampen the spirits of the band with Pistol Pete oozing energy. Here’s a phone video:  

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One thought on “Chicago

  1. Ik snap er niet zo veel van ,in ieder geval lijkt me het een drukke week geweest : Pub & Club in and out !

    De phone video krijg ik er niet uit,maar het zal ook wel niet voor mij bedoeld zijn!

    Hier hadden we van de week een uitgebreide ’70 jaar bevrijding ‘ herdenking.Ik leefde veel 70 jaar terug.miste pada erbij.

    Prettige tijd in Canada .Succes met de motor!

    big hug!

    > Op 9 mei 2015 om 22:25 heeft Thailand to Bay of Fundy het volgende geschreven: > > >


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