Granollers & Callela

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City Hall of Granollers

The brothers Aleix Espargaró and Pol Espargaró, were both born in Granollers and race in MOTOGP during 2015. Spain is very well represented in the sport. During the race the bars are full and most people are following the fate of the riders. Marc Marques the present world champion was born in Catalonia as was Jorge Lorenzo, a 2 time world champion. Marc developed a whole new style of riding with the elbow touching the ground at a 64 o angle.If you are fearless enough, this technic is possible due to the enormous advances in tires adherence since my days as an amateur. motogp

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Marc Marques

The town comes out to drink, eat, chat and watch the MOTOGP.

Normally the centre square of the city looks like this:

Granolliers City Square

Granolliers City Square


Twice a year a hundred or more elderly ladies get together for a “lace-off”. The town of Gent in Belgium is world-famous for its lace but these women also know a thing or two about this art form. It is intricate work and keeps them out of trouble and from terrorizing the streets.



Spring Has Sprungrudi&meThe following morning, after a game of tennis we headed to Rudi’s apartment in beautiful Callela, a small ex-fishing village on the Mediterranean. The inhabitants these days mostly live off tourism. This time of the year the place is pretty well deserted but in July and August, it’s wall to wall bodies on the beaches. Next year the plan is to ship the bike over and tour Europe again. A ride around Spain and Portugal is just too tempting. From Barcelona there are overnight ferries to Italy and from there Greece would be the target as I have never been there.

Callela is a village right out of the tourism folders


Callale SROC Hotel

DCIM101GOPRO 20150413_183257

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