In & Around Barcelona

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.10.44 PM

Inside of the Basilica

This morning I received a mail from Harry in Chicago that my bike has arrived all bent & twisted. Please….. No more of this after the rip offs of the last 2 years! Luckily he had the foresight to buy a kilo of spinach and he has been able to wrestle things back into its original shape. Of course I will reimburse him for the spinach when I get there. Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.11.00 PM No matter the day, Barcelona is a diverse and bustling city. Informal street vendors are no longer allowed on the street but there are always entrepreneurs willing to take the risk. .vendor

This guy has all his wares in a blanket with ropes at each corner. When he spots an officer he pulls the ropes together resulting in a sack. He throws it over his shoulder like Santa and disappears in a flash into the crowd.

The Barcelona food market is definitely worth a visit and appetite inducing. Even the Thais will be impressed with the choice of peppers available

  1. 20150410_15161320150411_174213The famous cured hams are graded in a variety of qualities starting at 200 Euro to 800 Euro for an entire leg. Baguette sandwiches for sale are generally made with the cheaper cuts but nonetheless delicious.


Hard to resist a pix of this kid totally in awe of the mannequins in the window


The “bride” gesturing to the crowd below seemed to be a guy in drag. Exactly what he was selling or the purpose of his being remains a mystery


I have known Rudi since 1988 and he just turned 70 but you sure would not know it as he is in great shape. I don’t know anyone else as active. He enjoys doing intricate woodwork and downhill skiing during the winter months as well as being a prominent member of a German social club similar to the Lions Club. During the summer he rides horses & bikes, climbs mountains, scuba dives, plays tennis and loves going to concerts. Owning equipment for all these things turns his closet into a virtual sports shop. In addition he is a linguist easily changing from Catalan to Spanish to German to English to French and back.  Sounds like a health nut? You’d be wrong; he smokes like a chimney and can throw more than his fair share of belts down the hatch. We have always looked at life through the same eyes and therefore we get together at least once a year to catch up, eat well and drink some excellent wines.



Rudi’s Octopus cut from one piece of pine on exhibit in Granolllers


The traditional “Duck Dinner” bought at the Barcelona Market with an exceptional wine caps off the day.


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