cheeses A day without cheese is like a day without sunshine. Endless varieties and high quality can be found at the new upscale market place in Rotterdam. I miss the selection in Thailand where the plastic variety dominates unless you are willing to pay a week salary for a kilo.

bike The Dutch countryside is still tranquil and rustic. It’s great to tour around on the bike. No horsepower and lots of donkeywork. The Netherlands counts around 17 million people and 13 million bicycles. 31% of the population lists the bike as their main mode of transport for daily activities.

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Nowadays in the major cities as Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague you will be hard pressed to find the type cast blues eyes and blond hair. The last 20 years have really changed the city landscape with Turkey, Suriname and North Africa making up the bulk of the immigrants; all and all a colorful sea of humanity.


Rotterdam was heavily bombed during the 2nd World War and the architecture of buildings rising out of the rubble did not show much imagination. I guess that there was just not enough money around to invest in tasteful design.

waterkid Heading to Barcelona tomorrow with some better temperatures.

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One thought on “Rotterdam

  1. Finally – it’s raining in Ottawa and the temperature may actually get out of the single digits on the plus side. Maybe . . .


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